The Athena Institute values the guidance of its diverse board of directors.

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Mr. Mark A. Thimons
Vice President, Sustainability
American Iron and Steel Institute

Dr. Jim Dangerfield
Past Executive Vice President, FPInnovations (Retired)

Mr. Mark Lucuik
Principal, Morrison Hershfield Limited

Mr. Jens Voshage
Adjunct Faculty, BCIT and Architect and Design Technology Leader, Cree GmbH

Ms. Jennifer O’Connor
President, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

Mr. Stephen Pope (Chair)
Sustainability Consultant, CSV Architects

Mr. Michael McSweeney
President and C.E.O., Cement Association of Canada

Ms. Cherilyn Widell
President, Seraph LLC

Mr. Brian O’Connor
Senior Director Business Analytics, FPInnovations

Mr. Brian Hall
Managing Director, Sustainability and Business Development, Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute