Membership in the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute is a win-win.

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Members get access to services and software that directly impacts their success while also helping improve the software and data that distinguishes Athena as a leader in LCA. It’s a strong partnership towards a more sustainable built environment.

Membership fees go toward building LCA infrastructure for the manufacturing and construction sectors. By becoming a member, you demonstrate leadership and commitment to your audiences and peers.

The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute is North America’s only organization developing LCA exclusively for the built environment. Your role is to be part of the solution, to move green design from guesswork to measurable performance. Our role is to help materials and construction projects improve from generation to generation.

Benefits to members:

  • Fee reduction for Athena contract research services.
  • Visibility on the Athena web site and other Athena media.
  • Use of the “Athena member” logo on member’s media.
  • Affiliation with leading-edge sustainability research work.
  • First-hand access to our resources and links through member meetings, webinars and newsletters.
  • Ability to influence and improve the work of Athena through our member meetings.

Membership dollars are used for:

  • Expanding the LCA data in Athena Institute databases for new products and systems where no specific funding has been secured.
  • Updating the Athena software tools with data revisions and software adjustments as needed.
  • Developing the next-generation of Athena LCA software tools, such as integration with building information modeling (BIM) platforms.
  • Preparing Athena software tools to meet new needs in green building rating programs such as LEED® and Green Globes®, and in building codes such as the International Green Construction Code and CALGreen.
  • Serving on codes and standards committees that involve LCA for buildings.
  • Advocating for greater use of LCA in construction through journal articles, conference appearances and other educational venues.

Membership levels and annual fees:
Memberships are available to organizations that share Athena’s interests in construction-sector LCA.

  1. Leadership member ($20,000)
  2. Sustaining member ($10,000)
  3. Supporting member ($5,000)
  4. Associate member ($500-$2,500)
    $2,500: Professional services firms with annual revenues ≥ $25 million
    $1,200: Professional services firms with annual revenues < $25 million
    $500: Professional services firms with annual revenues < $1 million; academic groups; environmental non-profits

Membership Level
Benefit Leadership
Prominently recognized by name and logo on Athena web site, with hotlink and description. yes
Recognized by name and logo on Athena web site, with hotlink. yes yes yes
Appear in a list of members on Athena web site. yes yes yes yes
Reduction in Athena fees on custom contract research. 15% 7%
One free group training session on LCA or use of Athena tools (not including travel expenses). yes yes
Option to publish an Athena case study. yes yes yes yes
Option to appear in Athena web site news or spotlight. yes yes yes yes
Use of the “Athena Member” logo yes yes yes yes