As a thank you to our supporters, we’re offering free help on your first LCA credit.

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Let Athena give you a hand up the learning curve on the LCA credits in Green Globes and LEED

Interested in the LCA credits in Green Globes or LEED but not feeling ready to get started? We’d like to help. In an exclusive offer to our members, we’ll coach you through the process on your next project.

Green Globes has a 33-point LCA performance option for core and shell (versus the 20-point prescriptive path). LEED v4 has a 3-point credit for core and shell LCA, and there’s a LEED 2009 pilot credit for the same thing. Our offer also applies to the LCA performance path options in the IgCC and CALGreen.

The Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings software tool is key to these credits. Our staff will be available to you for help with the software and guidance in achieving the credits. This offer is open so long as our resources allow – please note we may discontinue it without notice.

Existing members: Contact us when you’re ready to start.
New members: Join Athena now to access the offer. Read about membership here.

Learn more about LCA credits in green programs and find our resources here.