Pavement LCA Web App is Live with new updates

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Pavement LCA v3.2.01 Release

This update focused on a new Site Preparation Module which allows Earth moving, Excavation and Hauling Activities as well as material specification. Optionally you can also input the distance that the material is hauled on site or to stockpile.

We’ve made these additions to ensure that our Pavement tool is the most complete and specific tool available.

Other updates and changes include:

  • Year 0 Maintenance & Rehabilitation effects are now allocated to the Construction life cycle stage. This change enables users to include additional construction activities and have their effects allocated to Construction instead of Maintenance.
  • Updated Electricity: ecoInvent v3.4 electricity kWh Delivered LCI data has been adopted. For US regions, the ecoInvent electricity data is regionalized at the NERC region instead of the state level as was previously done. For Canadian regions, the ecoInvent electricity data is regionalized at the province/territory level.
  • Updated Fuel Emissions to Air: Updated the biogenic emissions due to hydro dams and pumped storage for Hydro electricity.

Download our FREE Pavement LCA Web App today to check out these and many more features:

Pavement LCA V3.2.01