The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute is a research collaborative of individuals committed to sustainability.

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Jennifer O’Connor (President) has been working in construction-sector sustainability since 1983, with diverse multidisciplinary roles in research, design, analysis, and education in Canada and the U.S. Her work experience has an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainable design, and overall building performance, and her background in both architecture and HVAC engineering provides a strong technical foundation in many building systems. She has been President of the Athena Institute since 2011.

Jamie Meil (Research Principal) is a co-founder of the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute and prime developer of its Impact Estimator software. Mr. Meil oversees Athena client based-services and directs Athena’s core research program. He is a resource economist and an internationally-recognized LCA expert with additional extensive experience in life cycle costing (LCC) and on methods for combining LCA impact indicators and LCC measures in a decision-making framework. Mr. Meil has completed numerous government research and private consulting projects dealing with manufacturing efficiency, resource utilization, green building, international competitiveness, economic feasibility of new technologies, market research, strategic planning, carbon footprinting and environmental life cycle assessment.

Lindita Bushi (Senior Research Associate) is Athena’s principle LCA consultant. Dr. Bushi holds a doctoral engineering degree in life cycle assessment and has over fifteen years of international LCA experience, including economic evaluations. She has conducted numerous LCAs in an effort to drive and determine sustainability benefits of industrial processes, products and services. Her LCA experience also extends to a large number of sectors (metals, building and construction, automotive, energy, transport, and recycling). She has extensive multi-national experience working with industrial clients, academia, and joint government-industry programs and task forces. Dr. Bushi is a member of Canadian ISO/TC 207/SC5 on Life Cycle Assessment and ISO/TC 207/SC 3 on Environmental Labelling, a recognized individual verifier within the International EPD® System, a member of the ACLCA (American Center for LCA) committee for Product Category Rules (PCRs) in LCA and an accredited LEED Green Associate. Dr. Bushi has conducted and co-authored numerous carbon footprint projects according to national and international standards and protocols. View Linkedin Profile>

Grant Finlayson (Senior Research Associate and Operations Manager) is a mechanical engineer and information technology professional with extensive experience in fieldwork and in computer modelling and data acquisition with diverse software and hardware systems. Mr. Finlayson is a specialist in LCA assessments for buildings using the Impact Estimator and is a lead Athena researcher on a variety of LCA projects. He is additionally responsible for testing and evaluation of the Impact Estimator for Buildings and provides ongoing support and maintenance of the EcoCalculator for Building Assemblies.

Chris Goemans (IT Manager) has exceptional information technology experience and takes an innovative approach to computer modelling. He has completed numerous private consulting projects dealing with manufacturing, enterprise resource planning systems, product data management systems, business information reporting, websites, and environmental/economic LCA. Mr. Goemans coordinates the development of the Impact Estimator software for Buildings and Highways. His work with Athena also includes web-enabling the Institute’s Life Cycle Cost Calculator, development of a data modelling, gathering and storage tool, and assessments of various building designs using the Impact Estimator.

James Salazar (Senior Research Associate) is the Institute’s primary support analyst on many studies. Mr. Salazar has completed over 20 LCA studies and carbon footprints for building products. He has been responsible for the development of LCA data for use in Athena’s Impact Estimator software, and has worked extensively with the managers of the US LCI Database on submission requirements and data quality documentation.

Matthew Bowick (Senior Research Associate) provides Athena with expertise in LCA for buildings. He is a civil engineer and a LEED® Accredited Professional with experience in structural engineering and project management. Mr. Bowick has conducted significant research on the influence of building envelopes, structural systems, mechanical systems, and geographic locations on the environmental impacts of buildings. He is the primary developer of the Res-BEAT software, used by Athena for LCA studies of residential building stocks.

Vanessa Salazar (Communications Director) has been with the Athena Institute since 2016. She is a skilled communications professional with experience in both the public and private sectors.

Rob Sianchuk (Research Associate) is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and provides Athena with building LCA experience. He is an LCA practitioner in both industry and academia. His research focus has been the development of an LCA database of UBC buildings and the integration of LCA into UBC construction planning practices.