Athena Institute is a significant contributor in Canada’s national “LCA squared” project

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Canadian LCA initiative is a game-changer

As part of its commitment to address climate change, the government of Canada is creating national LCA infrastructure to facilitate reductions in the life cycle carbon footprint of the built environment.

This effort includes development of a national life cycle inventory (LCI) database, design and procurement guidelines, life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) tools, and outreach activities.

The “Low-Carbon Assets through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)2 Initiative” is led by the National Research Council Canada and is engaging a broad coalition of government and private sector partners.

The Athena Institute is proud to be part of this initiative. The goals of LCA2 align strongly with the Athena Institute mandate, and there are several task areas where we can contribute.

To date, we have been providing LCI datasets, partnering on development of whole-building LCA guidelines, and participating on the steering and technical committees.

Read more about the initiative here: