Athena welcomes its newest member, Cornerstone Architecture

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Athena welcomes its newest member, Cornerstone Architecture

The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute recently welcomed its newest member, Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated.

The Canadian architectural firm is the latest organization to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by joining Athena.

Located in London, Ontario, Cornerstone Architecture is one of the leading sustainable design firms in its region, specializing in seniors’, children’s, education and community projects for both public and private sector clients, with an emphasis on sustainable design.

The firm encourages all clients to consider the opportunities for making their buildings more sustainable, including options for increasing energy efficiency and conservation of water and other resources, as well as reducing the building’s impact on its site.

Established in 1991, Cornerstone Architecture has completed several LEED® Gold certified projects, including the first in its area, and is currently involved in many other sustainable design projects targeting both LEED® Silver and Gold.

The firm has also completed a number of Green GlobesTM certified projects, using the assessment and rating system’s web-based interface to facilitate effective decision-making.

As part of its commitment to sustainable design, Cornerstone has reduced its own carbon footprint and uses completely carbon-free energy. Its decision to join Athena is further demonstration of that commitment.

Hammond explained his firm’s motivation for becoming an Athena member: “We really enjoy using the accessible Athena tools and appreciate the effort that goes into collecting the data and updating the tools, and we wanted to support that.”

“Plus, it gives us more credibility to have the association with Athena,” he added.

“We are impressed with Athena’s emphasis on disseminating objective, research-based information,” Hammond continued. “Athena and LCA provide us with a way to look at material choices more objectively.”

Athena President Jennifer O’Connor was pleased to welcome Cornerstone Architecture as the think tank’s newest member. “I am delighted that Cornerstone has chosen to work with us to bring lasting improvements to the entire construction sector,” she said. “The support of our members allows us to provide the LCA infrastructure necessary for a sustainable built environment – a vision that Cornerstone shares with us.”

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Photo: The Community Wellness and Recreation Centre in Komoka, Ontario, a 4-globes certified project under Green Globes. Photo courtesy Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated.