Environmental product declarations and building declarations put LCA information front and center in the marketplace.

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The Athena Institute is a leader in environmental declarations.

An environmental product declaration – an EPD – reports life cycle assessment data in a digestible format. EPDs are quickly growing in popularity to meet a marketplace demand for more transparency by product manufacturers. Many Athena Institute clients and partners are looking at EPDs as a preferred way of putting LCA results in front of their customers. Environmental product declarations are a true transformation in the way industry conveys environmental information to its stakeholders.

The Athena Institute provides EPD development services in partnership with EPD program operators, using either our own LCA studies or reports by another party. We have relationships with all major North American program operators and with the European-based International EPD System. In addition, we provide critical peer review or verification services of LCA reports and EPDs. We also develop PCRs (product category rules) in partnership with program operators.

Athena has pioneered a similar approach for whole buildings, with our environmental building declarations (EBDs). We produce comprehensive cradle-to-grave LCA declarations in accordance with the whole-building LCA standard EN 15978. An EBD complements – and goes beyond – green building certifications by reporting measured performance data. Building owners that publish an EBD show a real commitment to accountability and transparency in sustainable design.

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